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We now have in stock a range of feeders and drinkers of various sizes . Poultry spice , poultry tonic , verm x wormer , coxoid, apple cider vinegar and a brand new product from Harkers against red mite Duramitex plus. The new ready to use and the concentrated Smite with trigger or pump.

poultry spice      poultry tonic and spicesmite ready to go  large smite

spice two sizes                           vermx wormer / poultry drink                   Smite

coxoid           duramitex plus   d cup chick drinkerdrinkers

feeders  green chick feedergrren drinker   stalosan

We also have available to order:-

Goats milk soap made by us using our own milk from Toggenberg Goats Swift and Pippet
Sausages from our rare breed pigs
Gammon and Ham joints
1/4 , 1/2 or Whole pig jointed up
1/2  or Whole Lamb
coming soon Faggots, Pork Pie , Scotch eggs and lamb burgers

phone or email for prices

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